ZAG (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute) is Slovenia’s national building and civil engineering institute. It is a public, non-profit, state-owned body. ZAG has six research departments. (Department of materials, The Department of Building Physics, Department for Research of Fire-safe Sustainable Built Environment, Department of Structures, Department of Geotechnics and Infrastructure, Metrology). Its main activities include fundamental and applied research in various fields, such as fire safety Life cycle assessment, Circular economy and energy efficiency, as well as digitalization in the construction sector., development of new methods of testing and measurement, certification and attestation of conformity of products, training of research and technical staff in particular technical fields, participation in the preparation of technical codes and standards. ZAG has experience in managing research and other projects from various EU programs, such as H2020, LIFE, EIT RM and other national and international projects.

In GREEN-LOOP ZAG is involved in the bio-rubber value chain, focusing on the use of new products in construction sector. Part of the tasks is definition of requirements for the products’ performance. Another part of ZAG’s tasks is assessment of fire related properties of these products. Finally ZAG also take part in assessment of the end-of-life procedures in connection to the life cycle assessment.


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