The main goal of GREEN-LOOP is to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive set of innovative, cost-effective, sustainable, green, bio-based products able to substitute traditional materials.

Three value chains will be implemented and three new bio-based products will be produced, that will aim for better mechanical, physical and chemical properties compared with conventional materials. At the same time they will ensure a substantially lower environmental footprint, being non-toxic and demonstrating its recyclability, reusability, refurbish ability.

The GREEN-LOOP bio-based products will also contribute to the specific objectives of the MADE IN EUROPE Roadmap 2021-2027: in this context GREEN-LOOP will represent an example of transition towards green manufacturing technologies, incorporating adapted and novel manufacturing techniques to produce bio-based materials.


The GREEN-LOOP three main objectives will focus on:

Objective 1: To enhance green and smart features of manufacture

  • Three final bio-based products will be manufactured: bio-rubber multifunctional panels, bio-plastic bottle closures and wood composites bearings will be tested with 3 end users.
  • Electrification of industry will be based on novel technologies and on 2 new ultrasounds systems.
  • The project is aligned to decrease energy consumption by 2030 and reducing CO2 emission by up to 80% by 2050.
  • Four different manufacturing process at 3 different locations will be prepared to upscale production. Retrofit will be based on AI algorithms and new chemical compounding requirements.
  • AI models will be used for optimising bio-based manufacture.
  • The most crucial elements on manufacture will be included in GREEN-LOOP platform.

Objective 2 : To manufacture bio-based materials at relevant scales

  • A complete demonstration program up to TRL6 will be performed by involving different sectors, processes and technologies, from which construction, food-beverage, packaging and machining industry will benefit.
  • A circular business will be implemented and will be included as part of the GREEN-LOOP platform.
  • The products will be constantly tested and a final demonstration campaign will be launched involving industrial partners.
  • Conventional and custom tests will be defined for each product.
  • A set of procedures to ensure the product quality will be defined and applied.

Objective 3 : To boost the bio-based materials in new markets

  • A Communication and Dissemination Plan will be delivered in the first stage of GREEN-LOOP.
  • An appropriate management of the I.P. will be ensured.
  • Demonstration campaigns and Exploitation activities will be undertaken to allow the implementation of novel products at the industrial level and in different sectors.
  • Training and social activities hightlighing project results and development will be undertaken.
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