Bio-plastic value chain

Bio-plastic value chain

GREEN-LOOP will demonstrate the manufacturing of bottle closures for spirits and olive oil in the packaging, food and beverages sectors.


These bottle closures will use 100% biodegradable materials. Bio-based raw materials will be natural fibers – biodegradable thermoplastic carriers.

Bottle closures will be first validated at laboratory scale, testing different natural fibers collected from Agro-industry supply chain. Once, the most suitable bio-composite material will be selected, representative samples or components will be manufactured to be integrated into real conditions test in a bottling system.


Characterization and standardization activities will be undertaken and the whole value chain will be monitored by the environmental and circularity partners, that will ensure the green manufacture.

This value chain could be replicated in other sectors such as agriculture, horticulture and packaging.

Our KPIs:

Smart Manufacturing

Monitorization of production (>80%)
Manufacture enhancement with Microwaves (>20%)
Circularity and sustainable ratio measurement (>90%)

Environmental impact

Reduction of wastes (>60%)
Reduction of CO2 emissions (up to)
Reuse of biomaterial
Recyclability (organic recycling)
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