LABRENTA is specialized in the design and manufacturing of premium and design closures for the spirits market. Innovation, research & development, materials selection and attention to sustainability are the bedrock of the process that creates the perfect closure for each specific need, designed and based on the customers’ requirements. 100% Made in Italy and in-house, 100% committed to the world.

In GREEN-LOOP Labrenta is leader of WP4 and final user for WP5.

As the leader of WP4, their key goal is the design and the optimization of bioplastic material. Specifically, they will work on manufacturing production upgrades through microwave technology and test the new material at their facilities by producing oil and fruit juice bottle closures for the final user.

As the end-user of WP5, they will provide the first parameters for optimization and they will test the wood composite components in their injection molding machines.


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