The National Institute of Chemistry is an internationally recognized Slovenian research institution in the field of chemistry and related disciplines. Basic and applied research is focused on areas of long-term importance to both Slovenia and the world: Materials Research, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Structural and Theoretical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Environmental Protection; thus, the Institute meets the needs of the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, and nanobiotechnology industries. The Institute’s work is also in line with the priority thematic areas of the EU Research and Innovation Program, which focuses on nanotechnology, genomics and biotechnology for health, climate change, energy, sustainable development and global change, and food quality and safety.


In GREEN-LOOP the National Institute of Chemistry will supply the lignin of different qualities, comprehensively characterized using analytical techniques such as NMR, SEC, FTIR and also evaluate a lignin structure-performance relationship in bio-rubber, and optimize, if needed, by fine-tuning lignin isolation/modification parameters.


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