GREEN-LOOP Kick-off Meeting – 20/21 September 2022, Seville (Spain)

The GREEN-LOOP project, funded under the Horizon Europe Programme, has officially started on the 1st of September 2022 and the two-day Kick-off Meeting was held on 20-21 September 2022, at Nao Victoria 500 y Espacio I Vuelta al Mundo, in Seville, Spain. 

17 partners across Europe have been hosted by the Coordinator IDENER and have gathered to discuss the overall project’s objectives and tasks, presenting their future activities towards the successful implementation of the GREEN-LOOP project. 

The Consortium is composed of partners from 8 countries: Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, Poland. 

GREEN-LOOP aims at enhancing and supporting the bioeconomy at European level through robust product design adapted to new sustainable and circular schemes, reducing the cost of manufacture and accelerating the market introduction of novel bio-based products.

The project builds on the strong know-how and expertise of its partners in the addressed scientific and industrial areas making GREEN-LOOP a well-balanced project between industry and academia, speeding up the successful implementation of all the actions towards its fruitful results.


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