The BIO-MATTERS Cluster at the EUBCE 2024, Marseille

On 26 June 2024, the GREEN-LOOP project was presented at EUBCE 2024, the 32nd European Biomass Conference & Exhibition held in Marseille, by Communication and Dissemination Manager Riccardo Varotto.

During the session “Circular value chains for Bio-based products: the BIO-MATTERS cluster“, the results and achievements of the BIO-MATTERS cluster projects were presented: New Wave, Ambiance, Bio-Uptake, Vital, GREEN-LOOP and Waste2BioComp. These projects are funded under the Horizon Europe Programme and aim to develop circular value chains for a wide range of bio-based products. 

The bio-based products are derived from biological resources such as urban bio-waste, organic residues, or wastes from primary production and industrial processes, dedicated industrial crops, and biogenic CO2. These products cover a range of sectors and uses (textiles, home, personal care, furniture & Construction, chemicals, plastics, and fertilizers), and have the potential to replace fossil-fuel intensive products, saving up to 2.5 billion tons of CO2 equivalent per year by 2030. By reducing Europe’s reliance on fossil fuels, bio-based products accelerate the transition to a Green and Circular economy, bringing economic and social benefits too. This includes creating new markets and job opportunities, particularly in rural and coastal areas where biological resources are primarily produced. 

During the event, EC Policy Officer Silvia Maltagliati (DG R&I Circular Economy and Biobased Systems) highlighted the alignment between the Cluster’s objectives and the European Commission’s policies on bio-based products. She emphasised the importance of these initiatives in the transition towards a Circular & Sustainable economy. The European Commission actively supports Research and Innovation at the EU level to establish and deploy bio-based innovations. This effort focuses on sustainable biomass sourcing, the convergence of life sciences with digital technologies, the development of bio-based value chains, and biotechnology applications for competitive, sustainable industrial processes and consumer products. Additionally, there is a push for circularity through innovation to maximise the value generated per unit of biological resource, supporting the principle of cascading use of sustainable biomass. 

The BIO-MATTERS Cluster represents a significant step forward towards a more sustainable future. The projects aim not only to reduce waste and promote resource efficiency but also to innovate in bio-based sectors, creating new products and solutions that can be reintegrated into the production cycle. These circular bio-based innovative solutions have the potential to drive the EU towards Zero Pollution and Climate Neutrality by 2050, in line with the European Green Deal objectives. 

GREEN-LOOP and all other projects of the BIO-MATTERS Cluster demonstrate our ongoing commitment to developing innovative and sustainable solutions. 

EUBCE 2024 was supported by the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU), established between the EU and the Bio-based Industry Consortium. The CBE JU aims to accelerate bio-based solutions’ innovation and market uptake while ensuring their environmental performance. Cooperation with CBE JU, as a major stakeholder for the circular and bio-based economy in the EU, will be crucial for the follow-up of the GREEN-LOOP project. 




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